Autine axes on top!


Autine axes on top!

Our Hunters and Bushman axes have done great job performing for Australia’s largest 4x4 magazine “4x4 Adventures” review of the best hand-forged axes around the world.

The summary about our babies is: This may just be the finest bit of hand-crafted work we have ever held. The quality of finish is outstanding; it is actually hard to tell that these have been hand-forged ... such is the perfection. Weight and balance is nice. The Autine handles are actually the thickest reviewed and they take some getting used to. The cutting edge is the sharpest also. The head design allows for effective ‘choking’ of the axe for finer work, and the slightly heavier head (of those tested) allows for some heavy work. The head design lends itself well to cutting and splitting, and the detail work on the leather sheath is very classy.

The guide reviewed axes from top performers of handcrafted axes in the world - such as Wetterlings, Gransfors Bruk, Hultafors (all from Sweden), Council Tool (USA), Mueller (Austria), and the purpose was to find the best axe to take along for adventures in wildlife.

At the conclusion: If you can afford them, hands-down the Autine axes are amazing not only in quality but performance - they are simply the best examples of hand-crafted excellence; bar none. They would even form lovely centerpieces mounted to walls.